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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:13 pm 
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[14:48] <eAi> it'd be great if we could eventually get MTA to support all three games
[14:48] <SugarD-x> I agree. I've wanted that for years
[14:48] <eAi> me too
[14:48] <eAi> I had a go a while back, I managed to get vc to start with 1.0 I think
[14:48] <SugarD-x> Hearing that from you is very inspiring, believe it or not. I thought I was alone :)
[14:49] <SugarD-x> Wow, nice
[14:49] <SugarD-x> Was it SA Blue 1.0 or a modified VC Blue?
[14:49] <eAi> SA blue
[14:49] <eAi> the main issue was the direct x version change
[14:49] <eAi> I think the rest was fairly straight forward
[14:49] <eAi> that was only running to the menus though
[14:50] <eAi> getting in game and getting anything to work is another matter
[14:50] <SugarD-x> Ya, I remembered you mentioning the DirectX issue. I've talked with a few people and honestly if MTA: SA Blue was as modular as originally planned, it'd be easy to swap games in and out from what I've been told
[14:50] <eAi> the real big issue as I see it is working out how to integrate the code across all the versions
[14:50] <eAi> and I think that's really worth doing before you get too deep
[14:50] <SugarD-x> Ya, I have to agree
[14:50] <eAi> you won't be able to do it easily later
[14:51] <eAi> anyway, I'm happy to provide some advice, and may be able to code a little, if I get things set up at home
[14:51] <SugarD-x> I remembered you mentioning using Blue to a certain degree and having it one day made so that patches could apply to all three games. Thinking about that and what I know now, if SA Blue was fixed so it was actually modular again, and the MTA team was willing to pursue the idea, III, VC, and SA could be put on an equal level and developed all at the same time
[14:51] <eAi> but I really do think you should try to keep in sync with the main MTA code as much as possible
[14:52] <eAi> I do think that's possible, probably not with a massive amount of work
[14:52] <SugarD-x> We will. Right now we only have the 0.5 source so we are trying to expand it as much as possible before we try anything with Blue
[14:52] <eAi> quite a bit, sure, but not massive
[14:52] <eAi> ok
[14:52] <eAi> well, the 0.5 source is pretty bad, I wouldn't waste too much on it
[14:52] <eAi> do you have the VC blue source?
[14:52] <SugarD-x> Right now we are actually working on cleaning and opening 0.5's source
[14:52] <SugarD-x> We don't
[14:52] <eAi> well, get hold of that too, it should help for reference
[14:53] <SugarD-x> Slush talked to us and said he'd consider giving it to us, but after speaking with iJs he gave us 0.5 instead
[14:53] <SugarD-x> I'll try to soon. I'm going to have us get 0.5 prepared first so we have something to show
[14:53] <eAi> yeah, good idea
[14:53] <eAi> then get 1.x on VC running to the menu or something
[14:53] <eAi> that'll be a good proof of concept
[14:54] <SugarD-x> Will do. My ultimate goal is to one day get III and VC running on Blue and up to par with SA
[14:54] <eAi> that'd be great
[14:54] <SugarD-x> Agreed. I'd kill for a III/VC mod that worked as well as MTA: SA does :)


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