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PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:06 am 
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[02:08] <eAi_work> right, so what do you want?
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[02:44] <eAi_work> <eAi_work> right, so what do you want?
[02:44] <SugarD-x> eAi, usually I'd be PM'ing you with Towncivilian here, but I was going to ask you, is there any reasoning behind the GTA 3 part of 0.5's SCM's being coded in hex?
[02:44] <SugarD-x> Also, why are the islands separated in GTA 3? :P
[02:45] <eAi_work> I've no idea what you mean - coded in hex
[02:45] <SugarD-x> Towncivilian is working on more updates in the SCM so we can eventually get an updated 0.5 out the door before the update to blue+rewrite
[02:45] <SugarD-x> Well
[02:45] <SugarD-x> In the GTA 3 SCM files for MTA 0.5, some of the code is in hex.
[02:45] <eAi_work> that's presumably your dissasmebler's fault
[02:46] <SugarD-x> Towncivilian is trying to figure out what it is so he can rewrite the code cleaner.
[02:46] <SugarD-x> Well, the strange thing is, he had no problems with VC
[02:46] <SugarD-x> The GTA 3 SCM's are another story altogether.
[02:46] <eAi_work> well, different dissasembler's
[02:46] <eAi_work> -'
[02:46] <SugarD-x> What was used for the GTA 3 one then?
[02:46] <eAi_work> haven't a clue
[02:47] <SugarD-x> Damn
[02:47] <eAi_work> nobody on the team has touched SCM for 5+ years
[02:47] <SugarD-x> Jeez...
[02:47] <SugarD-x> Oh, good news about that. Remember when Towncivilian said he updated alot of stuff but ran out of memory?
[02:47] <SugarD-x> He realized there was alot more he can update and rewrite now. He's saved alot of memory doing it.
[02:48] <SugarD-x> The source is written in C++ isn't it?
[02:48] <eAi_work> yes
[02:48] <SugarD-x> Phew...good
[02:48] <eAi_work> I'm dubious about your competence to make a vc-blue port
[02:49] <SugarD-x> Well, myself personally I can't program. I made the forum for the project. Towncivilian is working on the SCM files, and we have others doing the C++ areas of it.
[02:50] <eAi_work> well, Towncivilian would have nothing to do for blue
[02:50] <SugarD-x> You really think I'd let my lack of knowledge in programming stop me from bringing this to life? :)
[02:50] <SugarD-x> Well, not true
[02:50] <SugarD-x> He can improve interior code
[02:50] <eAi_work> yes, I think that's a risk
[02:50] <eAi_work> I'm not sure what you mean by that
[02:50] <SugarD-x> eAi, you know how long I've been trying to get you guys to continue development?
[02:50] <SugarD-x> Well
[02:50] <SugarD-x> SCM is what he said was used for interior code in most of the current GTA multiplayers
[02:51] <SugarD-x> Eventually though I'd rather convert those files to .dll's for sync, and then have him focus on the interiors so he has memory to work with
[02:51] <eAi_work> MTA uses no SCM
[02:51] <SugarD-x> Umm...
[02:51] <eAi_work> MTA:SA that is
[02:51] <SugarD-x> 0.5 does :)
[02:51] <SugarD-x> Well, how does the SA version do interiors?
[02:51] <SugarD-x> Is it hard-coded in?
[02:52] <eAi_work> I'm not sure what you mean by that
[02:52] <eAi_work> the same way we do everything else
[02:52] <eAi_work> as I said in my pm, I need to see a document that explains your aproach to converting blue to VC
[02:52] <eAi_work> we need to see you understand the blue codebase and understand VC
[02:52] <SugarD-x> Well, I'm working on getting that for you. Sadly I can't write that myself with my lack of knowledge in C++
[02:53] <SugarD-x> My coders are studying the SA source though.
[02:53] <SugarD-x> When they feel ready, I'll have them write it up.
[02:53] <SugarD-x> By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how come 0.5.1 and 0.5.5 were never released?
[02:54] <eAi_work> because the code was getting unmanagable
[02:54] <SugarD-x> And that's when you switched focus to SA, right?
[02:54] <eAi_work> I think so
[02:54] <SugarD-x> Were 0.5.1 and 0.5.5 unstable?
[02:55] <SugarD-x> Well, in comparison to 0.5 lol
[02:55] <eAi_work> I honestly can't remember
[02:56] <SugarD-x> It just seems that if you were to leave it at 0.5 and switch focus, you'd think you'd just release what you had since I'd imagine they'd be in better condition.
[02:56] <SugarD-x> Or atleast 0.5.1 since 0.5.5 might have something new in it.
[02:57] <eAi_work> well, I'm afraid you don't understand how development works
[02:57] <eAi_work> things get worse before they get better
[02:57] <SugarD-x> I know that. I just figured that 0.5.1 and *maybe* 0.5.5 were updated versions of 0.5, meaning bug fixes only.
[02:58] <eAi_work> they weren't, I'm fairly sure there were news posts about it at the time
[02:59] <SugarD-x> Well, I've searched around quite a bit and I've only found one, now deleted, reference of 0.5.1's never released existence, but the only reason I know about 0.5.5 is because Towncivilian was told about it by another dev
[02:59] <SugarD-x> There's practically no references anywhere.
[02:59] <eAi_work> I'd say it's likely that 0.5.5 was 0.5.1 renamed
[03:00] <SugarD-x> Well, I forget what dev it was, but one of the devs compiled 0.5 with Towncivilian's old updates awhile back, and he asked Towncivilian if he wanted it compiled in 0.5, 0.5.1, or 0.5.5, so I don't know.
[03:00] <SugarD-x> There's alot of hidden history behind these versions :P
[03:01] <SugarD-x> I still think you guys should open source the old code so atleast others have a chance at this too. If you guys aren't going to ever complete it, why let it's legacy die?
[03:01] <SugarD-x> It seems kind of strange. I know the code is messy and bad, but it is a start for a nearly-dead program.
[03:07] <SugarD-x> Bare minimum, I don't see why you guys haven't atleast updated the server browser issue. It seems kind of simple since Game-Monitor did most of the work. :P
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