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As with MTA: Vice City, I've begun improving all three islands of GTA3:MTA. GTA3:MTA was left in a relatively complete yet unpolished state, so there's not as much to work on compared to MTA:VC. Progress is significantly faster in comparison to MTA:VC, due to a combination of experience (I started MTA:VC as a complete newbie to SCM), knowing what to look for, and somewhat better sources to work with. Here's a changelog thus far:
Generic SCM changes:
- Implemented a check for players being dead inside vehicles.
- All islands now check if you left your current island and deal with you properly.
- Pay'n'Spray blips added, and removed all non-Pay'n'Spray garages.
- Vehicle 49 (the teal Esperanto on Portland, some Kuruma on Staunton [sorry for not being specific], and the Taxi near the Police Station on SSV) is not synced on any island. It has been moved to an inaccessible location.
- Made carscanner use MTA:VC code (it's actually useful and not slow now!), except for Staunton island due to some issues with certain vehicles not appearing on the radar.
- Passenger key changed to "G".
- If a player killed themselves while in the Ammunation screen, the player is teleported out of the Ammunation screen and the menu is deactivated so the player can be respawned properly. Previously, if a player did this and tried to buy a Race or some weapon, the game would crash.
- Fixed minor text fade-in issue in the Ammunation menu.
- Massive code optimizations and cleanup.

Portland SCM:
- Fixed Turismo mission.
- Made Triad Fish Factory and Bitch'n Dog Food gates work.
- Closed off various mission-related doors (for example, Luigi's club's back door).
- Fixed some vehicle spawn's z-angles to point in the proper direction.

Shoreside Vale SCM:
- "Color bug" that has been plaguing this island for several versions is now massively reduced. It will still happen on occasion, but not nearly as frequently.
- Player can no longer "superjump" if the player is not controllable (i.e. player is drowning, knocked down, or jumped already).
- Blips added for your current gang's Ammunation as well as the universal Ammunation near the Pay'n'Spray, and added the gamemode selection location on the radar as a green telephone when using the car scanner.
- Fixed glitch where if you are in the gamemode selection screen and another player begins a gamemode, you are trapped in the gamemode selection screen and must restart the game.
- Your $50 is refunded if you back out of the gamemode selection screen after buying a Taxi from Ammunation.
- Fixed issue in the "Van Heist" gamemode where the Cops' garage marker was on top of the roof instead of inside the garage, and resolved issue where the bomb timer went off for Cops even though the Securicar did not explode. Now, the player is rewarded ($4000 and an AK-47) and "objective complete" is displayed upon parking the Securicar in the garage, and the player exits the vehicle and walks out of the garage. The Securicar is thrown to Portland (where the player can't see or hear it) and is blown up in order to respawn the vehicle. Ridiculously long explanation for a small bug, but I can be thorough, can't I? Cryptic changelogs suck.
- Fixed issue in the "Ransack" gamemode where the HUD showed negative health after dying due to lack of oxygen or standing in a fire.
- Made Cartel Mansion gate work.
- Closed off airport doors and added Hoods safehouse door as it appears in SP (open at an angle).

Staunton SCM:
- Pay'n'Spray enabled.
- Made police station gates, drug cartel gate, and Phil's Place gates work.
- Closed safehouse doors.

- Fixed a lot of wording to improve clarity and fix several typos.
- Added text that strongly suggests to not use the "start game" option after already beginning a game (i.e. restart game) as this usually crashes the game, and instead suggests to quit and start the game again if you really need to restart.
- Added text that dissuades people trying to load a save game in MTA.
- Other minor tweaks.
Generic SCM changes:
- Fix various vehicle spawn points and z-angles to point in the proper direction (who the hell parks facing oncoming traffic? :wink: ) and not park so far on the sidewalk.
- More minor code optimizations.
- Potential reduction of desync based on when the SCM is able to begin processing data - experimental, difficult to test (how do I establish a baseline for desync if it's so random? answer: I can't) (thanks trx for the idea!)


Shoreside Vale:


- Trim useless text to reduce file size.

Memory address work:
- Find address to disable money received upon entering a taxi vehicle.
- Find address to disable money earned upon hitting parked vehicles, etc.
Believe it or not, I have not played GTA3:MTA before I started developing this update, so I am not familiar with most of the glitches and bugs that exist. Help me out here, offer suggestions and bug descriptions!


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